Why Nursing homes preferred adult day care service?

  Ever had an experience where someone you know was reluctant to sign up for nursing home? I have witnessed many such incidents and the reason the elderly people would give for not wanting to go to nursing homes were lack of proper care, loss of dignity, lack of attention and respect etc. As the world becomes more globalized and so becomes obsessed with work, taking time out to look after our aging parents become difficult. However, it’s not something to worry about as humans like always, have come out of any disaster worn out yet triumphed. Humans have found the solution to this problem as well.

Nursing homes took the lead in filling the void left in the health system eventually getting replaced by nursing homes. Nursing home is a place that offers to look after your loved ones and take care of them while you are away. The services vary from few months to a lifetime. In nursing homes, the people are taken away from their home environment and gathered in one place where they are looked after for 24 hours. On the contrary, adult daycare offers to take care of patients during the daytime only.Both nursing homes and adult day care are designed to assist the healthcare system by providing services of care to elderly or deserving people. However, nursing homes are designed to look after people 24 hours including weekends and overnights and adult day care looks after people only in the daytime.

Given the perks attached to adult day care, quite a large proportion of people prefer adult day care to nursing homes. Here are five major reasons why adult day care fits to be a better alternative to nursing homes.

  • Cost effectiveness of Adult Day Care
Day care centers are cost effective as compared to nursing homes as nursing homes offer help for 24 hours while adult day care provides assistance during daytime only. Thus, by signing up for adult daycare, people can get the required medical help spending less money while also at the same time, have ample time to spend with their family.

  • Less Restrictive Nature of Adult day care
Nursing homes are restrictive in nature as they bound the patients to spend the entire time inside the nursing homes. On the other hand, adult day care is less restrictive in nature as they are not homebound and offer services in the day time leaving the patients with enough time for mobility and other activities.

  • Social Networking in Therapy Groups
Adult day care also offers social networking through various therapy groups. These groups are a way of socialization through communication which helps in reducing loneliness and depression. On the contrary, nursing homes are often thought to be the cause of loneliness and depression.

  • Perks of Enjoying Family Time
Moreover, in adult day care, patients enjoy the perks of spending time with their family as well as receiving the needed medical help. While in nursing homes, patients are often unable to spend time with their family leading to mental diseases.

  • Group Activities to support Health & Mental Wellness
Furthermore, adult day care offers various group activities such as cards, puzzles, games, music therapy etc. to support health and mental wellness. However, nursing homes often lead to decrease in enthusiasm being in the same environment for a long period of time which further affects the health and wellbeing of the patients.

In a nutshell, many people prefer adult day care over nursing homes to look after their loved ones as they are cost effective, less restrictive in nature, offer wide range of activities for social networking, improve mental health and their homebound status does not interfere with care while also being able to spend time with their family. Given such wide range of perks and privileges offered by adult day care, people prefer it as a better alternative to nursing homes where people often feel drained leading to isolation and mental health problems. Maximizing the overall quality of care while also keeping cost effectiveness in mind is what the clients look for which is provided by adult day care giving it an edge and keeping it on a higher altar to nursing homes.

How MyEZcare Helps you To minimize fraud in Healthcare?

The tail ended December of 2019 bought with it a disease that wreaked havoc on healthcare worldwide. Medical services, no matter how modern, latest and expensive were not able to contain the ever spreading deadly virus. However, on the bright side; it opened new avenues for innovation. Healthcare agencies collaborated with artificial intelligence and tried to come up with solutions that can fill the void created by covid 19. Software companies made significant innovations in order to help the changed world of the post pandemic to deal with medical problems.

MyEZcare is one such healthcare 
process that has been contributing towards the medical landscape of United States and Canada. As the pandemic dismantled the healthcare system of India, myEZcare started contributing to the healthcare by designing customized solutions for healthcare agencies to deal with the complex medical problems efficiently. Ever since its inception in India, myEZcare has been growing exponentially and helping millions of people in the healthcare industry.

    However, with increase in provision of solutions for healthcare problems, fraudulent activities have also been on the rise which is a significant drain on the healthcare resources. Statistics depict a petrifying picture of how every year, billions of the healthcare budget is lost to fraud which has further intensified given the fault lines added to the healthcare by the pandemic. Keeping in view this problem, myEZcare has designed a process solution that is leveraging technology and artificial intelligence to minimize fraudulent activities so that customers are saved from the losse.Various features are embedded in the process with the help of which fraud is kept at bay. Here’s a breakdown of some of the key features that are utilized at myEZcare to help prevent fraud.

    Firstly, the advanced electronic visit verification system of myEZcare helps in ensuring the entry of correct timing of a service provided.  Most of the fraudulent activity in healthcare is related to the fabricated services, date and time of delivery and incorrect reporting of the clock in and out by the caregivers. These kinds of fraudulent activities are reduced at myEZcare through clock in and clock out feature of the processMany people find it hard to keep track of their clock in and out time through documentations and walk in visits.

Thus, to make it easier for the clients as well 
as the caregivers, the clock in and clock out feature has been in built in the process to keep track of the service delivery date and time at fingertips. It also saves them from walk in visits which are getting difficult to manage in the prevalent times of lock down.   Moreover, various identification processes like GPS verification, fingerprint scanner etc. are used so that services are provided to the customers and delivery of services to hackers is minimized. GPS verification system helps in tacking the location of the caregiver thus making it easy for the caregiver to login and mark his presence while on duty during nursing and home healthcare service provision thus minimizing fabricated claims for services provided. A senior healthcare customer once faced a problem.

He wasn’t able to keep track of all the schedules and appointments he had with the caregivers. However, myEZcare was there to help. It not only added the feature of alerts in the form of customized ringtone that beeped every time he had an appointment but also automatically generated GPS verification for the client to know that the caregiver is at his place.
  In addition, artificial intelligence is a flexible way to prevent and minimize fraud. Manually processing data can take several weeks which has been simplified by the use of automated schedules and alerts

Moreover, AI is utilized in finding and fixing errors in billing etc. Ialso learns and adapts through automation to detect frauds thereby increasing the safety net in the process. Finally, block chain used in the process makes it nearly impossible to alter or change data. It also allows tracking data to its origin thus helping in detailed tracking which makes it easier to find out where a specific service was delivered.  Thus, it also helps in tracking a specific service to the customer at the point of origin receiving the service.

  As the pandemic has exposed the fault lines in the healthcare system worldwide, it is becoming difficult to manage the complex medical and non-medical healthcare problems through the traditional ways. Thus, companies have built process to find solutions to the complex medical and non-medical problems. Moreover, the customized and personalized features of myEZcare help in tracking and minimizing fraud. Thus, it ensures the provision of services at the right time, to the right person, and at the right cost. In a nutshell, myEZcare solution is a major breakthrough in healthcare utilizing innovative ways to provide solutions to the complex medical problems of the post pandemic world.      

Reasons Why Homecare Agencies Should Introduce Homecare Software

At home care agencies, the introduction of homecare software is progressing across the USA from the perspective of preventing human error and improving work efficiency. Here, we will introduce the features and benefits of introducing homecare software (electronic medical records system) for home healthcare agencies, ranking of introduction results, costs required for introduction, and main systems.


What is Home Healthcare Software for Home Care Agencies

  A Homecare Software for home healthcare agencies is a support system that improves the efficiency of homecare operations such as the creation and management of medical records, billing operations (receipt), employee management, patient management, scheduling, reporting, telehealth etc. In general, home care software can be referred to “digitized medical system” or “mechanisms for creating and storing digitized healthcare records and management systems. 

Now, the U.S. is taking necessary actions and introducing new policies to promote the use of electronic medical records to prevent fraudulent billing and improve operational efficiency.

Home care software is becoming more widespread, and today they are also used by other healthcare agencies homecare, adult day care, assisted living, respite care, private duty nursing etc. Currently, the mainstream is healthcare softwares that utilizes cloud systems. By using a tablet, mobile or computer even during a visit, it is expected that the work burden on care managers and visiting nurses will be reduced or work efficiency will be improved. Homecare software can be said to be one of the “mechanisms” that are indispensable for the operation of home healthcare agencies.

Homecare Software in USA - 2020

Homecare Software in USA – 2021

Advantages of Introducing Homecare Software for Healthcare Agencies

  There are two main merits of introducing home healthcare software for long-term care: “Efficiency in creating and managing patients and employee scheduling and managing records, respectively” and “efficiency in billing operations”.


Streamlining Employee and Patient Scheduling, Billing and EMR 

In homecare agencies, it is necessary to record observation, tasks performed etc for each caregiver visit. You can record it on paper, but there are many items such as sleep status, meal amount, medication status, defecation status, tasks performed etc. just for the tasks items, and there are many items to fill in, so it will take time to fill in. In addition, depending on the perso n who filled in the item, the writing style and expression of the same item may vary, and the person who succeeded it may not be able to grasp it accurately even if it is read.

Therefore, if homecare agencies you use home healthcare software for home-visit nursing, you can shorten the creation time by aligning the format in advance, making it possible to select from the options where you can standardize the writing style, and making it easier to fill in by referring to the past input contents. Can be planned. In addition, the entry method is standardized, making it easier for the person who took over to understand the situation.

  It also eliminates the hassle of handing over paper. In the case of paper medical records, it is necessary to find and bring a medical record for each destination, and if you cannot prepare all the medical records for the day’s visit before departure, you may return to the home-visit nursing station to pick up the medical records. was. The electronic medical record for home-visit nursing uses the cloud to access the data server that stores nursing records, so you can refer to, create, and manage nursing records anywhere as long as you have a tablet terminal.

Streamlining Billing Operation 

In order to claim home care insurance premiums and medical insurance, it is necessary to calculate the amount billed based on the home-visit nursing record. As the number of target people increases, the amount of work required for manual calculation and Excel calculation becomes enormous, so if the electronic medical record for home-visit nursing can calculate the billing amount based on the additional items, the burden of billing work will be overwhelming. It will be reduced to. Furthermore, when claiming homecare insurance, the data to be applied must be transmitted to the Medicaid.

Some electronic medical records for home-visit nursing specialize in the creation and management functions of electronic medical records and do not have a receipt function. In that case, by linking with another receipt system, the billing business will be smooth.