Advanced Cloud-Based Respite Care Software

  • Electronic document management
  • Comprehensive employee and patient management
  • Intelligent EMR system
  • Smart Scheduling and advanced reporting

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Other Key Features of myEZcare Respite Care Software

  • Cloud-Based Digital Solution
  • HIPAA-Cmpliant
  • No Bulky Servers Required
  • Total Mobility, On Any Web Device – 24/7
  • Advanced Reporting & Management Tools
  • Affordably Priced Tier Options
  • Fast & Easy Billing
Best EVV Application in Virginia

myEZcare is a leading provider of respite care solutions in the United States (US) and Canada. Respite is a word that means rest, or you can say to take a break. It is for the family caregiver or for your loved one. Our Respite Care Platform offers a complete solution to healthcare agencies providing respite care services.

Our respite care platform will enable agencies to easily handle their employees and do better employee and patient management. You can easily track the availability of your employees and assign them to tasks in their location and areas. It’s very important to maintain a balance between demand and supply and one should always keep a substitute. By using our application, you can easily find a respite care substitute in case of any emergency.

myEZcare’s platform is full of advanced features like scheduling, patient management, employee management, transportation, forms library, messaging, and advanced analytics. Healthcare agencies can analyze and enhance their process of making predication by using our respite care platform. These predictions will enable you to properly allocate your resources and deliver better results.

Best Homecare Software in the USA with best Employee Management feature

Employee Management

  • Manage all your employee records electronically
  • Digital timesheet
  • Time-off credentials
  • Enhanced employee management system

Patient Management

  • Manage all your employee records electronically
  • Manage all the patient documentation and past records electronically
  • Improve patient communication and coordination
  • Improve patient experience
Best Healthcare Software with best Patient Management feature
Best Healthcare Software with best scheduling feature in the USA and Canada

Intuitive Scheduling

  • Scheduling to match caregivers for the patients instantly
  • Intelligent scheduling to save time
  • Full scheduling functionality with automated appointment validation
  • Enhanced rescheduling option

Billing and Invoicing

  • Simple solution to the complex Medicaid and private duty billing
  • Eliminate your claim denials and resubmission
  • Electronic claim files and bill submission
  • Manage invoices and payments
Best Homecare Software with Complete Billing and EVV solution.
Top Healthcare Software in USA with best Messaging Feature


  • Communicate with your caregivers effectively
  • Encrypted messaging for caregivers and administration
  • Broadcast last minute schedule
  • Group messaging feature to send alerts

Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)

  • Clock in and clock out
  • IVR and GPS-Based verification
  • Federal mandated requirement
  • Improve quality care
Best Electronic Visit Verification Application in USA


What kind of agency can utilize Respite care platform
This platform can be used by agancies proving Respite Care, Ambulatory Care, Nursing Home / Residential care, Adult and Special needs day care programs Community Health Centers, Acute Care, Family Planning Clinics, Faith Support Centers.
Does your software run on a network or through the Internet?
Our Respite Care software is a cloud-based enterprise software solution. Any device with internet can utilize this software (Desktop, Mac, iPad, Android, iPhone).
Does myEZcare ever add new features or services to their Software?
Yes. Customization like New features, as well as enhancements and new functionality within existing features, is a standard part of our commitment to our customers to provide the best and most up to date Health Care Software Solution
Is myEZcare Respite Care Platform HIPAA, Medicare & Medicaid Compliant?
How long will it take to get started with myEZcare Respite Care Platform from the moment I place my order?
Once you become a member of the myEZcare family, a Health Care Software implementation specialist will coordinate initial training with you and you can be up and running on the system in a matter of days.
How many patients/users can I serve with myEZcare?
There is no limit to then number of patients/users you can serve, and we have user licensing packages that are tailored to the size and scope of your agency.
What are the hours of your Support Staff?
The myEZcare Customer Support team is available to answer calls and emails Mon-Fri 8:30am to 8pm.
Does myEZcare Respite Care Software has unique filing requirements?
Yes. myEZcare has customers all across the U.S, and our team monitors state & federal filing requirements to insure that our Software is fully compliant for of all of our customers, whatever the state.

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