Electronic Visit Verification

myEZcare EVV System is an advanced Electronic Visit Verification application for homecare business. myEZcare EVV Application allows you to do more than just verify visits. myEZcare provides an easy implementation, with experienced support and training teams to ensure every user is prepared.

Electronic Visit Verification Electronic Visit Verification


Best EVV Application in USA for Homecare Market

Best EVV Application in USA for Homecare Market

    • Reliable, User-Friendly, Error- Free EVV to Capture, Bill and Ensure Care Delivery

    • App makes it easy for employees to log their visits
    • Track caregivers
    • Receive reports of tasks completed or refused by the client
    • No more gaps in documentation, eliminate timesheet collection and data entry
    • Eliminate time cards
    • All submissions are electronically signed

How It works?

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    Best EVV System in USA for Homecare Market

    Download our Mobile App from Apple or Google Store.

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    Electronic Visit Verification System

    Electronic Visit Verification System

    Login with your myEZcare EVV Credentials.

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    Electronic Visit Verification Application

    View your upcoming visits.

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    Best EVV Application in USA

    Click on your ongoing visit to clock in using your mobile app or via IVR using your code.

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    Best EVV Application in USA

    Fill your timesheet and submit the time consumed for each task assigned.

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    Best EVV System in USA

    Once you complete your visits, clock out using your mobile app or via IVR using your code.

We Are Happy To Answer Your Questions

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What is Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)?
Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) is a telephone and computer-based EVV system that electronically verifies that service visits occur and documents the precise time and location service provision begins and ends.
Is it mandatory to use electronic Visit Verification (EVV) application?
The 21st Century CURES Act requires all states to implement the use of Electronic Visit Verification for non-medical providers by January, 2019.
How does myEZcare EVV system work?
myEZcare EVV system is one of the most advanced EVV system. The system has 2 components: 1. Complete scheduling system: This system has all the features required to scheduling , manage and monitor the patient visits, employee management, scheduling and attendance. 2. Mobile System: The mobile application helps the care providers to clock-in and clock-out remotely as well as log visit activities and other information. It also tracks the care-provider’s GPS location and provides the driving directions.
We already have an existing billing system, that we would like to integrate with myEZCare EVV application, is it possible?
Yes, myEZCare is a complete plugin play system that can seamlessly integrate with your existing system. If you are not planning or ready to migrate to our complete billing system, EVV module can plug and play with any other application running. Our team of experts can integrate and migrate all existing employee and patient data and also any scheduling that you may be managing in other systems or spreadsheets.
Does myEZcare EVV application comply with all federal requirements and guidelines?
Yes, myEZcare EVV application is one of the best EVV Application in USA homecare market, and is developed after an in-depth analysis and understanding of the requirements and guidelines laid out by Medicaid and States.
Can I try myEZCare EVV appliation?
Yes , myEZcare EVV system is best EVV system available with all the features for a 30 day trial period.
We have some unique requirements due the specific nature of our business; can you custom tailor the system catering to the specific needs of our business?
Yes of course. We can customize the our homecare software and EVV application as per the business needs. On the annual sign up of our services, we provide 200hrs of free customization.
How is the billing done?
We have a very flexible billing models. We offer a pay-as-you-go model based on the number of active patients in a month. Please refer to the pricing page See Pricing There is an option for you to choose the bucket with number of patients and sign up annually. We offer the discount on annual sign up with fixed bucket of patients.
What if there is no network, how does the myEZcare -EVV application work?
myEZcare-EVV application provides an IVR system with a dedicated phone number. The care provider can use the patient’s registered phone to clock-in and out of the visit. We are best electronic visit verification (EVV) application in the USA homecare maket.