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Adult Day Care Solution

Comprehensive Adult Day Care Software

myEZcare’s Adult Day Care platform offers patient intake, employee management, patient management, scheduling, reporting, forms library, medical records, electronic billing, and many more. Our HIPAA-compliant application enables you to remove paper processes, modernize actions and better utilize resources, making your organization more efficient and profitable. Our Daycare software also provides effective messaging, billing, and document management support. Our reports will enable you to analyze your and your employee’s performance to streamline workflow and improve any shortcomings.

Adult Day Care Software

Feature Rich Platform to Streamline Work Flow

Transportation Scheduling and Feet Management Made Easier

Patient schedules, fleet management, route assignments, service dates, assessments, and funding sources are all easier to organize and track with myEZcare, a sophisticated solution for senior service companies to manage adult day transportation services. Gain flexible information options for clients, dates, routes, and vehicles, as well as the ability to arrange someone "on-the-fon the flyly" the same day. Multiple reports and real-time data help to expedite operations and keep track of medical information (such as wheelchair usage), residential instructions, and other details for reporting and billing.

All In One Day Care Platform for USA Healthcare Market

  1. Helps maintain client to staff ratio
  2. Care Planning
  3. Billing & Invoicing
  4. Simpler Scheduling
  5. Fleet Management
  6. Analytics
  7. Forms Library
  8. Patient Management
  9. Employee Management
  10. Claims Processing
  11. Better document management

How Much Will myEZcare Adult Day Care Software Cost You?

Best Adult Day Care Application for Agencies U.S. & Canada

We’re seeing a lot of change in the adult day care industry as organizations transition to digital systems. Our application is HIPAA compliant and enables adult day care agencies to develop health care standards based on best practices. Providers can manage their schedule, transport, attendance, social events and family communications from one place. This will make it much easier to keep track of everything. myEZcare’s application is equipped with some of the advanced features required by daycare agencies to streamline their workflows and improve care. 

Adult Day Care Operations Has Never Been Easier

We are one of the most preferred healthcare technology companies in the United States and Canada to provide software applications related to the healthcare and homecare market. myEZcare’s is not limited to the Day Care platform but also serves other agencies like respite care, home healthcare, residential assisted living, private duty nursing, nursing homes, senior daycare, elderly daycare, etc.



myEZcare’s Adult Day Care Platform can be used by agencies providing day care, senior care and elder care services.
Our Adult Day Care Software is cloud based HealthCare Software. Any machine with internet can utilize this software.
Yes. Introducing new features and functions are part of our commitment. We always try to provide top and updated healthcare solutions to our new and existing customers.
Yes, our all platforms are HIPAA, Medicare & Medicaid Compliant.
Once you become a member of the myEZcare family, a healthcare Software implementation specialist will coordinate initial training with you and you can be up and running on the system in a matter of days.
You can serve end number of patients/users, we are providing packages that are customized to the size and scope of your facility.
myEZcare Customer Support team is available to answer calls and emails Mon-Fri 8:30am to 8pm.
Yes, we do have a unique filing requirement. We have customers all across the U.S. and Canada, and always ensure that our Software is fully compliant for of all of our customers, whatever the state they belong.

We Promise Regular Updates & Enhancements

Streamline Your Home Day Care and Senior Care Activities & Run Your Agency Better 

Comprehensive and Economic

Affordably Price Tier Options

Need a Customized Adult Day Care Software?

As a leading provider of innovative health care software,myEZcare is committed to helping health care facilities operate more smoothly and efficiently.
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