Benefits Of Using Telehealth Software

Get Patient Consent for Remote Consulting or Remote Monitoringa

Patient Feedback & Digital Signature Post Teleconsultation

Receive reports of tasks completed or refused by the client

No more gaps in documentation, eliminate timesheet collection and data entry

Plan, Schedule and Remind Next

Patients Get to Know Doctor/Caregiver Before Meeting

HIPAA Compliant and Complete Privacy

Patient Remote Collection of Information and Health Record

Make an Appointment

Telehealth Solution

Advanced Telehealth Cloud-Based Platform

Client Experience

Telehealth Solution
Telehealth Solution

Security Compliance

Overall Future Benefit

Get Closer to Your Patient with myEZcare Telehealth Solutions

Telehealth Solution

How Much Will myEZcare Adult Day Care Software Cost You?

Telehealth Solution

Integrated Telehealth Software To Improve Care

We Offer Incentives and Special Consultation For Startups and We Would Love To Provide You With a Quote Based On The Customization of a Package.

Patient Experience How Digital Health Solution Improve Care?

Telehealth systems are becoming more widespread and in the modern world, a digital transformation of healthcare is taking place. Information electronic applications in the field of medical care, new devices, and biomonitoring systems, which often can connect to the Internet, are widely developing.

Telehealth promises to be the most valuable and dynamic aspect of this digital transformation. Well-designed and well-applied telehealth technologies can solve the global problem of expanding access to health care is far and underserved regions. Thus, telemedicine is becoming a new direction in improving access, quality, and cost-effectiveness of healthcare for many medical specialties.

Telehealth Solution
Telehealth Solution

Understanding What Telehealth Is?

Telehealth is a platform where the doctor/caregiver assists the patient using teleconsultation with electronic medical records. Telehealth is a system for providing remote health services, carried out with the help of information and communication technologies (ICTs).

Telehealth has helped to democratize access to health, taking it to even the most remote places. Those who live in small cities, not in a position to do regular visits or are unable to move to large centers, where the best and best-equipped hospitals are. Telehealth breaks with this difficulty since it allows them to talk to a specialist at a distance – just needing internet access.

Why is Remote Monitoring or Teleconsultation Is Important

Telehealth is all about the use of a technology-based virtual platform to provide various aspects of health information, prevention, monitoring, and medical assistance.

Remote monitoring of the patient involves continuous assessment of the patient’s clinical status, either through direct video monitoring of the patient or through review of exams and images collected remotely. Reportedly, telehealth could save the United States health care system more than $4 billion, annually.

Telehealth Solution

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EZCare Solution Seamlessly Speak to the Bottom Line

In addition to technological software advances, one of Carecenta’s greatest strengths is its ability to offer premium level service at a cost-effective price. The bottom line is that this saves clients a tremendous amount of time and money.

Centa measurably reduces agency operating expenses, simplifies audits, and provides an unprecedented transparency for regulators. It also speaks to the bottom line with increased profitability.

Switch to EZCare

Telehealth Solution

Deploy a set of technologies and strategies available through Carecenta.

Let the Centa Training & Support to improve your organization.

Do More with Less

Telehealth Solution

Free up your resources and time, allowing you to do more.

Centa will connect your clients, caregivers and coordinators, automate your operations in scheduling, compliance, billing and payroll.

Enjoy Growth

Telehealth Solution

Energize your sales and expand your business with new features that are offered throughout our management portals.

Let Carecenta do the rest.

Carecenta team has an in-depth understanding of the diverse challenges that health care providers are constantly dealing with on a day-to-day basis.

This includes quality improvement initiatives that measure performance, accountability and security compliance. As the demand for long-term care management continues to increase, the demand for services and management improvements will also increase.

It’s very easy to gain a detailed overview of our software. Why not schedule a Centa demo today?

You may find it interesting to note that the newest competitor’s software in the long-term care market is actually eight years old and completely outdated. The associated costs for these outdated patched softwares are priced at a premium level.
Centa is built with the latest technologies from the ground up. In comparison, our new Software as a Service (SaaS) model completely eliminates the high cost of entry and management for the growing home care market.
At an affordable price Centa delivers a top tier software package with five-star customer service and support.

You may find it interesting to note that the newest competitor’s software in the long-term care market is actually eight years old and completely outdated. The associated costs for these outdated patched softwares are priced at a premium level.

41% of long-term care businesses stating that management software makes the biggest impact on their daily operations.*
65% of all operational errors could be avoided by using the right