What does it take to open your own adult day care?

What does it take to open your own adult day care?

Given the wreckage that the healthcare system suffered from due to the ongoing pandemic, many thought to play a role in innovating the system. New entrepreneurs entered the field offering new and digitized solutions to the healthcare problems of today’s world. One of the startups that took a boost in the post pandemic world was healthcare centers, be it adult day cares or in-home care centers.

Adult daycare centers are nursing homes for elderly adults that offer help to look after them during the daytime. This gives enough respite time for the family members to proceed with their jobs and other daily activities with peace of mind.

If you are into the healthcare business and are about to open one such adult daycare yourself, here’s what you need to know before starting on the journey. 

Make sure to have a checklist of the following:

1.Business plan

The first thing to do before opening an adult daycare is to have a business plan. Write your business plan and include things like vision, mission, targets, and aims in it. It should also specify the type of business you want to start and consider your cost, marketing strategy, location etc. In depth marketing research needs to be conducted at this point in order to know the market well. 

2.Business entity and location

Next step is to set up a business entity and identify the location from where the business will be operating. Location is a major part of the business plan. Deciding on a place nearby a residential area for baby boomers would help you get more clients as elderly people are mostly unable to drive to these centers due to which they prefer adult daycare centers nearby. 

3.Licensing and certifications

Afterwards, you need to obtain the necessary licensing and certifications in order to be able to operate as a daycare business. Certifications and licensing vary from country to country and complying with them will help build a positive image of your business. 

4.Obtain adequate insurance 

Moreover, obtaining adequate insurance will increase the operating capabilities of your business as certain medical conditions require obtaining insurance in order to provide the needed care. 


Another important step is to plan on the finances and budget of your daycare business. You need to have an initial investment to buy senior friendly products such as wheelchairs, adjustable beds, security measures etc. Moreover, you need to purchase medical equipment such as CPR, first aid as well as provide training for the staff.  Therefore, you need to examine every single detail about your expenditures because the more successful you are in planning a budget, the more chances you will have to efficiently run the business. 

6.Marketing plan

Next step is to plan a marketing strategy. In order to get clients, people need to know about your business and where it is operating. A successful and well executed marketing plan will inform more people about your business which will in turn lead to more clients at your office. 


Another important part is to hire employees. Employees such as caregiving staff are an integral part of an adult daycare business. Therefore, you need to know how much staff is required, how will you hire and what would you offer to the staff. You also need to be clear on what certifications are required from the staff in order to work as caregivers. 

8.Decide which services to offer 

Next important thing is to plan in detail about the services that you will be offering. Adult daycare centers are of various types depending on the services they offer. Therefore, you need to be specific and mention which services your daycare center will be offering based on what you can do better than the rest. 

9.Look for clients 

The final stage is to look for clients. Once your business is set up, you will be requiring clients to start functioning. Promoting your business through various channels like social media, posters, friends circle, social events and community events will help you in getting more clients. 

To sum it up, setting an adult daycare business is not a difficult task. However, you need to be well equipped with a plan on how to start. If you are someone that is interested in starting an adult daycare, this article will serve as the right guidance on how to plan and execute that plan into a successful business entity.

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