Telehealth Benefits: All You Need to Know About Telemedicine

With the coronavirus pandemic, one of the first and main recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) was that people stay isolated, at home. But how do we maintain social isolation and take care of health at the same time? Discover the advantages of Telemedicine! It was  at this moment of the need for social isolation that telemedicine gained space and became a necessity. It has strengthened itself as one of the great allies to assist in care without exposing patients to unnecessary risks.

Perhaps for many people, telemedicine is something new, but it is a specialty that emerged in the 19th century, with the emergence of the telegraph. With the creation of the telephone and the evolution of technology throughout the 20th century, telemedicine became accessible.

In 1990, it was recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO), especially for cases where distance is the main factor. Ever since telemedicine emerged, it has contributed to affordable, anytime, anywhere healthcare. Telemedicine allows the diagnosis to be carried out remotely, allows the interpretation of exams, and also the issuance of medical reports at a distance. That is, the patient receives medical care and guidance online, without leaving home.

Today, with the rapid development of IT technology, ICT equipment and software to enrich our lives have been enriched. With the launch of commercial services for 5G (5th generation mobile communication system) in March 2020, it is said that telemedicine will continue to develop in the future.

For example, you can auscultate remotely, or you can feel as if you are facing each other. It is expected that an era will come when things that have been done in face-to-face medical care can be done remotely as a matter of course.

Digitization has accelerated even in cases where it was previously delayed due to prioritizing other corporate goals. Well, in another context, digitalization is also framed in the field of health. That is why some people have discovered the benefits of telemedicine for the first time in recent times.

This time, we would like to introduce telemedicine, which is attracting increasing interest from medical institutions and patients.

Benefits of Telemedicine for Patients

Telemedicine can help treat a number of medical conditions. It is most successful when a person seeks care from a qualified doctor and provides clear details about their symptoms.

Some other benefits of telemedicine include:

Improved access to care: Telemedicine facilitates access to care for people with disabilities. It can also improve access to other populations, including older adults, people who are geographically isolated, and those who are closed.

Preventive care: Telemedicine can make it easier for people to access preventive care that improves their long-term health. This is especially true for people with financial or geographical barriers to quality care.

Slowing down the spread of infection: Going to the doctor’s office means being close to people who may be ill, often in the immediate vicinity. This can be especially dangerous for people with a basic condition or a weak immune system. Telemedicine eliminates the risk of infection in a doctor’s office.

Benefits for healthcare providers

Healthcare providers offering telemedicine services can gain several benefits, including:

Reduced overheads: Telemedicine providers may have less overhead. For example, they may pay less for reception support or they may be able to invest in office space with fewer exam rooms.

Additional revenue streams: Clinicians may find that telemedicine supplements their revenue by enabling them to provide care to more patients.

Less exposure to diseases and infections: When providers see patients remotely, they do not have to worry about exposure to pathogens that the patient may carry.

Patient Satisfaction: When a patient does not have to travel to the office or wait for medical care, they may be more satisfied with their service provider.

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