Pros and Cons of Private duty Nursing

Pros and Cons of Private duty Nursing

Private duty nursing is the employment of nurses for the delivery of care of individual patients. In this form of care, patients hire nurses to look after them. Therefore, private duty nursing is a highly individualized and customized form of care. Private duty nursing offers various benefits such as administration of medication, engaging and individualized care plans and provision of maximum in-home care and comfort while also saving the patient from the hustle of hospital visits. However, there are also various disadvantages limiting the scope of private duty nursing such as high cost of care and mandatory overtime for nurses. 

This article will throw light on the advantages as well disadvantages of private duty nursing. 

Pros of private duty nursing 

1.Offers administration of medication 

An important benefit that private duty nursing offers to its beneficiaries is the administration of medication. Patients of various chronic illnesses such as kidney transplant and cancer are only possible to be cared for through private duty nursing. As medicating them requires certifications owing to the complexity attached to the administration of medication, therefore private duty nursing is a better option for such patients. 

2.Saves patients with chronic illness from hustle of hospital visits 

Another advantage of private duty nursing is that it saves the patients with chronic illnesses from the hustle of hospital visits. As patients with chronic illnesses lack mobility and are bedridden therefore private duty nursing becomes a feasible option for them to look after their medical needs at home. 

3. Offers engaging and customized care plans for patients 

Private duty nursing also offers an engaging and highly individualized care plan for patients. Despite the high cost of private duty nursing, people prefer it over any other form of healthcare due to the engaging care plans they offer to the patients. 

Hence, due to these various advantages, private duty nursing is preferred by many people as their healthcare plan.

4. Yields good results due to the abreast knowledge of the certified nurses 

As the nurses are certified in skillful in private duty nursing which ensures to yield better results of care. Thus the skillfulness due to certification of nurses makes it attractive for more people to opt for private duty nursing. 

5. Reduces the need for hospitalization

Many medical conditions require the patient to stay at home, minimizing movability. This helps in faster recovery due to the needed care being provided at home. For such conditions, private duty nursing is a good option as it reduces the need for hospitalization. 

Cons of Private duty nursing 

1. Costly so monetary issues

On the other hand, there are also various disadvantages of private duty nursing. The foremost disadvantage of private duty nursing is the high cost and monetary issues due to which the maximum number of people cannot afford it. 

2. Only for patients with chronic health problems 

Another major disadvantage of private duty nursing is that it is feasible for patients with chronic illnesses only given the high cost and highly customized care plan. This is why it serves a small number of people suffering with chronic health problems. 

3. Mandatory overtime for nurses 

Moreover, given the prolonged period of time the nurses have to spend with the caregivers, it becomes mandatory for them to do overtime work. This is why people do not prefer it as nurses are overburdened because of overtime work. 

4. Dependence of patients on nurses

The nature of private duty nursing sometimes makes the patients completely dependent on the nurses. This is why they are unable to function in the absence of nurses. 

In a nutshell, there are both sides to private duty nursing. It offers advantages as well as disadvantages. However, it is an excellent option for people suffering from severe medical conditions because it will help your loved ones feel comfortable by enjoying maximum care. 

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