Maintaining Medicare Certification for Home Health Agencies: Key Tips for Compliance and Quality Care

Know the Conditions:

Stay updated with CMS's Conditions of Participation (CoPs) and Conditions for Coverage (CFCs). Regularly review and update policies to reflect the latest standards. Consider assigning a dedicated team or consultant for specialized compliance tasks.

Internal Review:

Conduct routine, detailed patient chart audits. Focus on accuracy in the plan of care and timely provider notifications during patient condition changes.

Staff Education:

Educate staff on competency expectations and regulated workflows. Host regular in-services on topics like infection control and maintain comprehensive competency records.

Supervisory Visits:

Regularly monitor in-home care to identify and address compliance issues. Co-visits can help validate staff competence and ensure adherence to care plans.


Utilize robust home health software systems to streamline compliance. Features like Electronic Visit Verification and alerts for patient hospitalizations or infections can significantly enhance regulatory adherence.

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