EVV and its Benefits for Home Healthcare

Benefits of EVV for Home Healthcare Agencies

What is EVV?

According to the legislation of cures act 2019, EVV known as electronic visit verification is important for all the homecare healthcare agencies. EVV is a system of timekeeping used to verify visits and services delivered by healthcare agencies. It is based on a global positioning system and biometric visit data to accurately track the delivery of services. Various features of EVV such as digital documentation, management, online scheduling and claims reimbursement are essential to homecare agencies. 

How does EVV work? 

EVV is an easy to use system where the caregivers have to record the type of services provided, location, time and date through a mobile phone or any other digital device thereby verifying the provision of services. Moreover, caregivers can also access the patient information from the EVV system. 

Benefits of EVV 

There are various benefits that EVV provides to homecare healthcare agencies. Following are some of the ways through which EVV is creating a positive impact on healthcare agencies. 

Faster turnaround of claim reimbursement

With an EVV system in place, healthcare companies have a faster rate of claim reimbursement. Decrease in fraud will lead to more clients and a higher turnaround on claims reimbursement. 

Verification of services delivered 

Moreover, the services provided by homecare companies can now be verified with the help of EVV. This also helps in minimizing false claims over services delivered. Caregivers can now verify the delivery of services through real time tracking of location of the caregiver. 

Safe and secure

Safety and security is also ensured through an electronic visit verification system. EVV is HIPAA compliant and secure which helps in maintaining the safety and security of the system. Moreover, secure and encrypted communication between the team members is ensured through secure broadcasting capabilities of the system. 

Delivery of proper care

Proper care is delivered with the help of EVV systems to the clients. Real time services are delivered and location is tracked with the help of a global positioning system which lessens the fabricated claims of service delivery. 

Ease in management

Ease in management is generated through the paperless digital documentation and online scheduling and reporting which helps minimize human errors in management. Moreover, operational overheads are reduced due to the digitized management system of EVV.

Transparency and efficiency

In addition, the caregivers’ teams are provided with real timekeeping capabilities which helps them in transparently dealing with clients and efficiently delivering services. Documentations, tasks completed, assessments, trip to care related facilities and other client related activities are monitored and assessed digitally.

Automation in data collection & reporting

Automation is created in data collection and reporting which helps in creating ease in compliance. Moreover, messages to team members, care plans and history can also be accessed from the system. Client demographic information helps in creating ease in data collection. 

Boosts caregiver productivity 

Furthermore, the EVV system helps in boosting caregiver productivity by digitizing and automating the system of service deliverance. Missed and late visits are reduced, digital documentation introduced and overall cost reduced thus improving patient care. 

In a nutshell, having an efficient electronic visit verification system in place can lead to better customer satisfaction and more client outcomes. EVV helps in turnaround of claim reimbursement, safety and security in communication, ease in management and operations, automation in data collection and reporting, delivery of proper care and boosting caregiver productivity. Therefore, EVV should not be dealt with as something mandatory by the law, but something that improves the overall performance and provision of better care of homecare agencies. Hence, it is imperative that homecare providers and companies stay committed to delivering better care through proper implementation of electronic visit verification systems. 


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