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The use of EHR (Electronic Health Records) is now the standard protocol for the implementation of software solutions. The recording and transfer of data have opened the new horizon of knowledge sharing amongst the medical fraternity and has helped in making tremendous achievements by recording their knowledge for use by other doctors. This sharing of knowledge gives the medical fraternity a valuable tool for recording and sharing to provide the best value for the expense incurred. myEZcare’s Home Healthcare Software is one of the most advanced and preferred home healthcare software in the United States and Canada.

Features of myEZcare Healthcare Softwares

  1. Referral Intake – The referral intake is a comprehensive process with a bulk import of the referrals and an intake checklist. The referral agencies receive notifications via email regarding the detection of missing or expired documents. Patient’s consent is taken online. There is a single view consisting of all the patient information.
  2. Employee Management – Employee management is a part of our case management software but works as a full-fledged option to keep track and record of your employees. With myEZcare’s case management software, you can keep your caregivers and related parties engage and productive.
  3. Patient Management – One of the best-automated features to track patient information, diagnosis, services delivered, assigned caregivers and encounters with healthcare organizations. With this patient feature, you can obtain, update and store patient details electronically.
  4. Co-ordinated Care – The HIPAA compliant Internal Messaging system makes it simpler for agency care providers to communicate and collaborate with each other.
  5. Intuitive Scheduling- A sleek and easy self-learning documentation interface helps to create notes and visits in a simple manner using the innovative AI feature for documentation. There is no requirement for typing lengthy notes.
  6. Reporting- The analysis and assessment of the revenue generation help to improve the performance of the healthcare provider’s agency with the use of a customizable reporting system. The dashboard helps to improve the performance by providing every detail on the same platform as the single views on schedules, missing or expiring document, claim submission reports, employee attendance and other reports.
  7. Transportation: An efficient management of transportation of data within and between departments and units can be done. The transportation can be managed in accordance with patients’ care and available transportation system can be used to facilitate safe care.

Cloud-based Home healthcare software designed by myEZcare is a one-stop solution for all technological needs in the delivery of a perfect and user- friendly health care. It is a Home healthcare software that manages all the data relevant for providing a complete analytical background. It encourages collaboration between the patient and the healthcare providers. This hospital management software does not only allow free information flow, but it also ensures that the information is captured from each relevant source and can be used for meaningful analytics to improve the quality of health outcomes, in real time benefitting both, the patient and the healthcare providers. It believes in being a trusted technology partner in delivering quality care.

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