Best Available Healthcare Software For Homecare Agencies in 2020

Best Available Healthcare Software For Homecare Agencies in 2020


In recent years, the use of Information Technology (IT) in healthcare agencies and medical institutions has been gaining momentum. The number of services that need to be managed in the healthcare facilities and number of medical devices such as electronic medical record systems, receipts, and PCs and tablets for operating the latest medical equipment, is increasing. Electronic medical records are drawing attention as a way to greatly improve the efficiency of paper medical records. The number of PCs has increased with the introduction of IT in medical systems, such as electronic medical records, and the number of cases in which ledger management using Excel or the like cannot keep up is increasing.

Best Electronic Visit Verification Application in USA
Best Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) Application in the USA

Best Available Healthcare Software for Home Visits Verification


myEZcare is one of the most preferred cloud-based software for agencies providing homecare, adult day care, respite care, assisted living, case management services. myEZcare solution provides you with many advanced features and can be said one stop solution for healthcare agencies operating in the United States. It reduces homecare agencies workload by linking with schedule management, employee management, patient management, document management, record/report creation, and billing process. 


The schedule can be patterned according to the instructions, making it easy to create a daily, weekly and monthly schedule. Schedule can be created smoothly for each nurse, caregiver or any other employee providing homecare services. By linking with the Care Manager system, administrative work can be greatly reduced by taking in the provision slip and transferring the service provision results.


Cloud-Based Electronic Medical Records are Infiltrating


In recent years, cloud-based electronic medical records have begun to penetrate. In the past, it was necessary to install all the servers required for the introduction of electronic medical records in the healthcare agency, but this is not necessary with the cloud type. Access to the services provided on the Internet is all that is needed, eliminating the need for extensive facilities at the hospital. Not only do you not need to install equipment, but you also save time in managing them, so medical staff can concentrate on their main business. 


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