Private Duty Nursing Solution

Top Cloud-Based Private Duty Nursing Software in USA and Canada

Myezcare, a leading provider of private duty nursing software in the USA, offers an exceptional platform that has revolutionized the operations of numerous agencies. With Myezcare’s innovative solution, agencies can streamline their entire business, benefiting from the utmost efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Our private duty nursing software is designed to reduce payroll expenses, enhance overall performance, and ensure strict compliance with State and DOL regulations. Experience the power of Myezcare and elevate your agency to new heights in the competitive healthcare industry.

Private Duty Nursing Software

Why Choose MyEZCare

Comprehensive Patient Care Management: Effortlessly manage and track patient information, including medical history, care plans, and medication administration, ensuring top-quality care at all times.

Seamless Payroll Integration: Streamline your agency’s payroll process by seamlessly integrating with leading payroll systems like ADP, simplifying timekeeping, payroll calculations, and employee compensation.

Online Physician Order Forms: Digitize and automate physician order forms, complete with signature tracking and automated reminders, ensuring timely and accurate documentation.

Flexible Billing and Reporting: Simplify the complex billing process by generating accurate invoices and reports for multiple payers, including Medicaid, insurance providers, and private pay, improving reimbursement rates and financial management.

Two-Way Texting: Enhance communication and engagement with nurses, patients, and caregivers through a convenient two-way texting feature, enabling quick updates, reminders, and real-time collaboration.

Easy Scheduling for Nurses and Patients: Streamline scheduling processes by enabling easy and efficient management of nurse shifts and patient appointments, minimizing conflicts and ensuring optimal utilization of resources.

EVV Compliant: Ensure compliance with the Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) requirements mandated by the Department of Health Services (DHS), improving accountability and reducing fraud risks.

Custom COVID-19 Screening: Incorporate a customizable COVID-19 screening module to assess risks and ensure a safe working environment for both staff and patients, with real-time updates and alerts.

Unique Cloud-Based EHR Solution: Utilize Myezcare’s innovative and secure cloud-based Electronic Health Record (EHR) system, allowing convenient access to patient data anytime, anywhere, while ensuring data privacy and protection.

Establish a Single Patient Record for Seamless Service

With myEZcare’s private duty nursing software, you can effortlessly create and manage a single patient record for all lines of service, including Private Duty Nursing, Non-Medical Personal Care, Home and Community Based Services (HCBS), Home Health, and Pediatric Home Care. Say goodbye to scattered information and consolidate all clinical and financial records under one comprehensive patient record.

Real-Time and Batch Eligibility Verifications

Ensure smooth operations with real-time and batch eligibility verifications. Seamlessly verify insurance, Medicaid, or managed care service authorizations in real-time, preventing scheduling outside of authorized services and billing without approved authorizations. No more manual data entry or redundant processes, as myEZcare automates the verification process for you.

How Much Will myEZcare Private Duty Nursing Software Cost You?

Efficient Scheduling for Private Duty

Optimize your scheduling process with myEZcare’s advanced features. Create and manage schedules by hour, shift, or visit, offering multiple schedule views for easy navigation. Intelligent matching capabilities help you assign the most suitable caregivers based on proximity, availability, skills, and patient preferences. Prevent scheduling errors with configurable validations, ensuring smooth operations and improved patient care.

Comprehensive Clinical and Point of Care Solutions

Streamline your clinical documentation process with myEZcare’s clinical and point of care features. Document medication administration (eMAR) and treatment administration (eTAR) seamlessly, while the electronic care flow sheet allows for continuous care documentation. Real-time alerts notify you of missed medications, treatments, interventions, or measurements, ensuring timely and accurate care provision. Stay updated with real-time availability of medication, treatment, and care plan changes at the point of care.

Effortless Mobile Care Delivery and Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)

Enhance your home care delivery with myEZcare’s mobile and EVV system. Streamline aides and personal care delivery to patients by allowing clock-in, clock-out, and documentation of services provided. The electronic visit verification (EVV) system utilizes GPS to ensure accurate tracking and verification of services delivered. Maintain compliance with state EVV aggregators through our standard interface, simplifying your workflow.

Monitor Shifts and Exceptions in Real-Time

Stay on top of your schedules and exceptions with myEZcare’s real-time schedule monitor. Receive alerts for late starts, GPS mismatches, late ends, missed tasks, and more, allowing you to proactively manage and notify staff and patients. In case of lateness, locate employees and promptly inform patients to maintain seamless care provision. Additionally, access employee documentation during shifts and visits for a comprehensive view of care activities.

Efficient Billing and Accounts Receivable Management

Simplify your billing process with myEZcare’s comprehensive billing and accounts receivable features. Manage disparate billing requirements for Medicaid, Medicare, insurance, and private pay. Create claims in various formats, such as 1500, UB04, or paper invoices, and easily send patient statements. Utilize the claim scrubber to send clean claims, reducing collection time and efforts. Robust financial reporting and dashboards provide insightful analysis of your financial performance.

Benefits of Using myEZcare’s Cloud-based Private Duty Nursing Software


Web and Mobile-friendly

Electronic Visit Verification

Easy to Use Interface

Advanced Employee Management

Sheduling - Manage Shift and Overtime

Enhanced Patient Management


Billing & Invoicing

Up to date reporting

Electronic Medical Record


Make an Appointment

Our Staff


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Happy People

EZCare Solution Seamlessly Speak to the Bottom Line

In addition to technological software advances, one of Carecenta’s greatest strengths is its ability to offer premium level service at a cost-effective price. The bottom line is that this saves clients a tremendous amount of time and money.

Centa measurably reduces agency operating expenses, simplifies audits, and provides an unprecedented transparency for regulators. It also speaks to the bottom line with increased profitability.

Switch to EZCare

Private Duty Nursing Software

Deploy a set of technologies and strategies available through Carecenta.

Let the Centa Training & Support to improve your organization.

Do More with Less

Private Duty Nursing Software

Free up your resources and time, allowing you to do more.

Centa will connect your clients, caregivers and coordinators, automate your operations in scheduling, compliance, billing and payroll.

Enjoy Growth

Private Duty Nursing Software

Energize your sales and expand your business with new features that are offered throughout our management portals.

Let Carecenta do the rest.

Carecenta team has an in-depth understanding of the diverse challenges that health care providers are constantly dealing with on a day-to-day basis.

This includes quality improvement initiatives that measure performance, accountability and security compliance. As the demand for long-term care management continues to increase, the demand for services and management improvements will also increase.

It’s very easy to gain a detailed overview of our software. Why not schedule a Centa demo today?

Streamlined Payroll Processes for Private Duty Agencies

Ensure accurate and efficient payroll management with myEZcare’s payroll software. Maintain different pay rates by employee, services, payer, and patient. Manage multiple services under one employee record, simplifying payroll calculations. Benefit from automated calculations for travel miles, travel time, overtime, shift differentials, weekend differentials, and holiday differentials. Seamlessly interface with primary payroll services and software, including ADP, Paychex, QuickBooks, GP Dynamics, and more.

Private Duty Software Cost

At myEZcare, we understand the importance of transparency when it comes to pricing. That’s why we offer an easy way for you to estimate your cost. Our pricing model is designed to be flexible and tailored to your specific needs. Whether you require certain features or services, or have a particular number of users or patients, we can provide you with a clear picture of the cost involved. Simply reach out to our team, and we will work closely with you to understand your requirements and provide an accurate estimate. We believe in providing value for your investment, and we are committed to helping you achieve efficiency and success with our private duty nursing software. Contact us today to get started on estimating your cost and revolutionizing your agency’s workflow.

Private Duty Nursing Software
You may find it interesting to note that the newest competitor’s software in the long-term care market is actually eight years old and completely outdated. The associated costs for these outdated patched softwares are priced at a premium level.
Centa is built with the latest technologies from the ground up. In comparison, our new Software as a Service (SaaS) model completely eliminates the high cost of entry and management for the growing home care market.
At an affordable price Centa delivers a top tier software package with five-star customer service and support.

You may find it interesting to note that the newest competitor’s software in the long-term care market is actually eight years old and completely outdated. The associated costs for these outdated patched softwares are priced at a premium level.

41% of long-term care businesses stating that management software makes the biggest impact on their daily operations.*
65% of all operational errors could be avoided by using the right

Convenient Access for Patients and Families with Family Portal

Improve communication and enhance patient engagement with myEZcare’sFamily Portal. Provide patients and families with convenient, secure, and HIPAA-compliant 24-hour access to demographic information, schedules, and personal health information. Link multiple patients to a single portal login, enabling easy management for families. Patients’ families can send and receive messages through our HIPAA-compliant  secure messaging, fostering efficient communication and collaboration.

Insightful Reporting and Dynamic Dashboards

Access a robust library of clinical, financial, scheduling, and census reports with myEZcare. Tailor report assignments by user or user role, ensuring relevant information reaches the right individuals. Schedule reports to run automatically and deliver them to selected users and field staff. Save reports in various formats, including PDF, CSV, Excel, TIFF, or XML files, allowing for easy sharing and analysis. Proactively monitor key performance indicators with dynamic dashboards, organizing information charts on a single screen. Assign and customize dashboards by user or user role, enabling timely access to essential metrics and facilitating corrective actions.