All You Need to Know About Day care (Outpatient Rehabilitation)

Day care (outpatient rehabilitation) means that a person requiring long-term care goes to a health facility for the elderly, a hospital, a clinic, etc. on a day trip. Facilities for training to improve living functions and receiving living support such as eating and bathing is defined as.

Day care includes walking training, gymnastics, bathing / excretion assistance, housing renovation / welfare equipment advice, and health checks by nurses.

Day service (outpatient care) is a long-term care service similar to day care. Day service is a long-term care service that mainly supports daily life.

On the other hand, day care also provides assistance such as bathing and excretion like day service, but it is characterized by specializing in medical treatment and rehabilitation.

In day care, there are doctors and staff specializing in rehabilitation, who manage their health by conducting medical examinations in addition to rehabilitation.

Therefore, day care is suitable for those who want to improve their physical function because they are declining, and those who want to continue the rehabilitation that was done at the hospital where they were hospitalized due to illness or injury even after they are discharged.

The purposes of using day care are as follows

I want to continue the rehabilitation that I was doing while I was in the hospital even after I was discharged.

I want to rehabilitate with peace of mind in an environment with a doctor

I want to use a service that allows me to take a bath and rehabilitate

I can’t swallow things well, so I want to receive professional guidance

I would like to hear the opinions of experts regarding the use of assistive devices and home remodeling.

I want to have time for my family to take a break from nursing care during the day

Day care is suitable for this purpose. However, not all day care can serve these goals.

This is because the contents of rehabilitation, bathing facilities, rehabilitation equipment, etc. differ depending on the facility.

When deciding which day care to attend, it is recommended that you actually visit and check the characteristics of the day care and the rehabilitation that can be done with the Day care service.

Also, be sure to ask the user’s willingness to rehabilitate. It is also important to consult with the staff of the facility and make an outlook on what will happen if you continue rehabilitation in the future.

Long-term care preventive outpatient rehabilitation

Long-term care preventive outpatient rehabilitation is a service used by those who have been certified as requiring support even in day care service .

As the name suggests, long-term care preventive outpatient rehabilitation provides rehabilitation for the purpose of long-term care prevention.

Long-term care preventive outpatient rehabilitation can be combined with services such as “improvement of motor function”, “improvement of nutrition” and “improvement of oral function” according to the user’s condition, in addition to common services such as improvement of living function. ..

Day Service Staff

The day service has the following professional staff to provide the service.

Administrator – It is a staff who manages the business establishment. Depending on the day service, you may also have the following occupations.

Life counselor – Procedures for contracts for use in day service and contact work with care managers. My job is to consult with users and their families.

Functional training instructor – It is a staff member who conducts functional training. He has qualifications such as physiotherapist, occupational therapist, speech therapist, judo rehabilitator, and masseuse massager.

Nursing staff – In some cases, nurses are dispatched in cooperation with day services that have nurses and home-visit nursing stations. It mainly measures blood pressure and treats wounds.

Long-term care staff – It is a staff member who provides general care in the day service. It provides meals, bathing, toilet assistance and a variety of recreational activities.

Difference between Day Care and Day Service

The purpose of the day service is “to help users lead an independent daily life in their own home. Day service is centered on long-term care services in daily life.

On the other hand, the purpose of day care is “recovery and maintenance of physical function, training in daily life, improvement of cognitive function” . We are focusing on medical care such as rehabilitation.

You can receive functional training in day service, and you can receive long-term care in daily life even in day care. However, there is a difference between day care and day service, so be careful not to make a mistake.

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