Reasons for Introducing Homecare Software For Homecare Agencies

Reasons Why Homecare Agencies Should Introduce Homecare Software

At home care agencies, the introduction of homecare software is progressing across the USA from the perspective of preventing human error and improving work efficiency. Here, we will introduce the features and benefits of introducing homecare software (electronic medical records system) for home healthcare agencies, ranking of introduction results, costs required for introduction, and main systems.


What is Home Healthcare Software for Home Care Agencies


A Homecare Software for home healthcare agencies is a support system that improves the efficiency of homecare operations such as the creation and management of medical records, billing operations (receipt), employee management, patient management, scheduling, reporting, telehealth etc. In general, home care software can be referred to “digitized medical system” or “mechanisms for creating and storing digitized healthcare records and management systems. 

Now, the U.S. is taking necessary actions and introducing new policies to promote the use of electronic medical records to prevent fraudulent billing and improve operational efficiency.

Home care software is becoming more widespread, and today they are also used by other healthcare agencies homecare, adult day care, assisted living, respite care, private duty nursing etc. Currently, the mainstream is healthcare softwares that utilizes cloud systems. By using a tablet, mobile or computer even during a visit, it is expected that the work burden on care managers and visiting nurses will be reduced or work efficiency will be improved. Homecare software can be said to be one of the “mechanisms” that are indispensable for the operation of home healthcare agencies.

Homecare Software in USA - 2020
Homecare Software in USA – 2021

Advantages of Introducing Homecare Software for Healthcare Agencies


There are two main merits of introducing home healthcare software for long-term care: “Efficiency in creating and managing patients and employee scheduling and managing records, respectively” and “efficiency in billing operations”.


Streamlining Employee and Patient Scheduling, Billing and EMR 

In homecare agencies, it is necessary to record observation, tasks performed etc for each caregiver visit. You can record it on paper, but there are many items such as sleep status, meal amount, medication status, defecation status, tasks performed etc. just for the tasks items, and there are many items to fill in, so it will take time to fill in. In addition, depending on the perso

n who filled in the item, the writing style and expression of the same item may vary, and the person who succeeded it may not be able to grasp it accurately even if it is read.

Therefore, if homecare agencies you use home healthcare software for home-visit nursing, you can shorten the creation time by aligning the format in advance, making it possible to select from the options where you can standardize the writing style, and making it easier to fill in by referring to the past input contents. Can be planned. In addition, the entry method is standardized, making it easier for the person who took over to understand the situation.


It also eliminates the hassle of handing over paper. In the case of paper medical records, it is necessary to find and bring a medical record for each destination, and if you cannot prepare all the medical records for the day’s visit before departure, you may return to the home-visit nursing station to pick up the medical records. was. The electronic medical record for home-visit nursing uses the cloud to access the data server that stores nursing records, so you can refer to, create, and manage nursing records anywhere as long as you have a tablet terminal.

Streamlining Billing Operation 

In order to claim home care insurance premiums and medical insurance, it is necessary to calculate the amount billed based on the home-visit nursing record. As the number of target people increases, the amount of work required for manual calculation and Excel calculation becomes enormous, so if the electronic medical record for home-visit nursing can calculate the billing amount based on the additional items, the burden of billing work will be overwhelming. It will be reduced to. Furthermore, when claiming homecare insurance, the data to be applied must be transmitted to the Medicaid.

Some electronic medical records for home-visit nursing specialize in the creation and management functions of electronic medical records and do not have a receipt function. In that case, by linking with another receipt system, the billing business will be smooth.

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