Best Electronic Visit Verification Application and Homecare Software in Virginia

Are You Operating Homecare Agency in Virginia – Choose Best EVV and Homecare Software

Why You Should Buy EVV Software

With the aging of society, the increase in the number of care recipients, the reduction in hospitalization days, and the shift from institutional care to home care, regional medical institutions, caregivers, visiting nursing care providers homecare that supports home users and patients is becoming increasingly important. Home Care (HC) is a form of health care offered at the patient’s home and characterized by a set of health promotion actions, disease prevention and treatment and rehabilitation, with guaranteed continuity of care.

EVV is an acronym for Electronic Visit Verification (EVV). It is technology by which you can verify the visit done by caregivers while going for homecare visits. One must have heard about this if operating in home health business.

Best Electronic Visit Verification Application and Homecare Software in Virginia

myEZcare provides one of the best homecare software in Virginia. myEZcare’s home health care solution is integrated an advanced electronic visit verification (EVV) software for homecare agencies in Virginia. Agencies can track clock in and clock out done by caregivers when they begin and send services. This plays an important role for getting smooth submission of claims. There are other important features in myEZcare’s EVV application listed below.

Best EVV Application in Virginia

According to Virginia DAMS, in order to meet EVV compliance, the CURES Act requires the collection of the following data elements for EVV

  1. Types of services performed
  2. Individual receiving the services
  3. Date of the service
  4. Location of the service delivery (can either be in an individual’s home or community setting) at the beginning and the end of the service (location is not tracked during the shift).
  5. The individual providing the service; and
  6. The time the service begins and ends.

What You Can do With myEZcare Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) Application

  1. Instant scheduling
  2. Simple and details task selection
  3. Verify visits with mobile and telephone IVR
  4. Validate appointments using GPS location
  5. Integrated with full-fledged homecare software
  6. Tracking services delivered with detailed tasks information
  7. Clock in, Clock out by caregivers rendering services

 Features of myEZcare Homecare Software

  1. Employment management
  2. Patient management
  3. Scheduling
  4. Messaging and broadcasting
  5. Electronic visit verification (EVV)
  6. Claims and Billing
  7. Reporting

After Sale Support

One of the biggest challenges for software applications is chieving maximum results in uptime, performance and quality. At the same time, costs need to be reduced. That’s why maintenance is an important factor in productivity and quality.

myEZcare will assist you with a team of professional technical engineers to ensure the continuous and complete performance of myEZcare home healthcare software products and electronic visit verification (EVV) application. In addition to 24/7 support service, we can provide customization, maintenance, calibration, training, and process improvement services


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