How Healthcare Software Market is Transforming Patient Care In Home Care

How Healthcare Software Market is Transforming Patient Care in Home Care

Relationship Between Healthcare Software and Patient Care

– For patients with no means of transportation or the elderly, technology makes it very easy with home care

– Artificial intelligence can be used to automate scheduling, predict the duration of visits and manage patient information so that visits are executed efficiently and well

– Technology is automating many processes with artificial intelligence reducing costs making healthcare accessible to more people

– Doctors are easily able to check up on patients

– Electronic Visit Verification is a way for caretaker companies to track their employees

– myEZcare’s app allows caretakers to clock in hours-don’t have to worry about logging hours and such

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How Healthcare Software Market is Transforming Patient Care in Home Care

Home healthcare some time called home care is very common for patients in the United States, but many of these patients run into issues with home care agencies such as scheduling, communication and record keeping. However, technology is eliminating these issues with automated services and artificial intelligence. Biggest challenge home healthcare is facing tracking visits of caregivers rendering services at patient location. To eliminate this problem the United States government has mandated healthcare agencies providing home care services to implement electronic visit verification (EVV).

With myEZcare’s electronic visit verification app, easily downloaded off the Apple App Store or Google Play Store on a smartphone, caregivers can view their upcoming appointments and log their hours with the clock-in system all in the palm of their hands. This benefit both patients and caregivers since the location of the caregivers are tracked to ensure all patients are receiving the care they need, and caregivers can easily clock-in and clock-out without having to keep track of hours completed on their own. The app makes record keeping easier and reduces dishonest activity with caregivers.

myEZcare is one of the best providers of electronic visit verification (EVV) in the United States and Canada. The healthcare technology company is developing healthcare software’s with the help of experienced IT, medical and non-medical personnel.

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