21st Century CURES Act and Electronic Visit Verification

Introduction to Electronic Visit Verification and 21st Century Cures Act As most healthcare is starting to enter the 21st century technologically, one is going to make a major leap in the next few months. The use of Electronic visit verification (EVV) is undergoing massive legislation changes. New legislation called the 21st Century CURES Act was passed

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Reasons for Introducing Homecare Software For Homecare Agencies

Reasons Why Homecare Agencies Should Introduce Homecare Software At home care agencies, the introduction of homecare software is progressing across the USA from the perspective of preventing human error and improving work efficiency. Here, we will introduce the features and benefits of introducing homecare software (electronic medical records system) for

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How to start a home care business?

Starting A Home Care Business 2019 ended on a note of despair and devastation as the deadly pandemic took millions of lives and played havoc on the health systems worldwide. The world’s biggest superpower was also helpless in the face of such a deadly virus as it killed the highest

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Tips To Generate More Leads For Your Adult Day Care Agency

There are many effective strategies for generating leads for your adult day care agency. Here are some of the most important ones: 1. Develop a Clear and Compelling Message The message you use to market your adult day care agency should clearly explain what makes it unique and why potential customers should

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The Benefits Of Home Healthcare Software For Field Nurses & Staff

Home healthcare software is an invaluable tool for field nurses and staff. It provides clinicians with the ability to access patient data, monitor vital signs, track medication schedules, and document patient care in real-time. But why is this type of software so important? Let’s take a look at some of the

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