Electronic Medical Record System (EMR) for Your Healthcare Agency

Why You Need Electronic Medical Record System for Your Healthcare Agency




Electronic medical records (EMR) are systems that digitize, record and manage medical records (medical records) recorded by doctors at hospitals. Electronic medical records must meet the three principles of electronic preservation: authenticity, readability, and preservation. EMR is a system that replaces a paper medical record (medical record), which was previously used by doctors, nurses, caregivers healthcare agencies to record the progress of medical treatment or services provided by the healthcare agencies to the patients, with an electronic system, collectively edits and manages the medical record as electronic information, and records it in a database. Electronic medical records can be roughly divided into electronic medical records for hospitals and electronic medical records for clinics. The presence of a hospitalization function, the presence of a department function, and the presence of a medical accounting system (Rececon) will differ. One should be careful while doing comparisons between these two systems.


Electronic medical records are now commonplace, and many healthcare agencies are newly opened every year, but most of the homecare agency have introduced EMR when they opened. Many manufacturers are selling electronic medical records and aiming to spread electronic medical records. myEZcare is one such healthcare software provider that provides cloud-based homecare software for the agencies providing homecare, residential living, respite care, adult daycare, senior care services. myEZcare provides you enterprise software solutions with complete claims management and billing features. Other important feature includes scheduling, reporting, messaging, transportation, billing, employee management, patient management, electronic visit verification. 

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Merits of Electronic Medical Record System


Electronic medical record data is stored in a device called a server. This EMR server can store a great deal of medical record information so that even if the number of patients increases or they have been performing medical treatment for many years, there is no need to worry about the storage space like a paper medical record. By incorporating an EMR in the hospital system, you can refer to the medical record anywhere. Data can be flexibly reused when creating a letter of introduction, medical certificate, or presenting at a conference.


What is a cloud-based electronic medical record?

An electronic medical record that uses a system provided through the Internet line as a service is called a “cloud-type electronic medical record.”

Normally, EMR data is stored in an electronic medical record server in the hospital, and necessary information is acquired and displayed by accessing the EMR server from terminals such as consultation rooms and reception desks. EMR of the cloud type is not necessary to install the electronic medical record server to the hospital, to get and display the required information by accessing to the data center that provides an EMR of service. Another benefit of medical institutions is that they are free from maintenance work such as backing up and updating electronic medical record servers.

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