Why to Buy Cloud-Based Homecare Software and EVV Application in USA

Why You Should Buy homecare and Electronic Visit Verification in the USA

As the world has gone global, it is not by accident that this revolution is taking every sector by storm, and the home care sector is not left behind. As of January 2020, electronic visit verification (EVV) has been made mandatory for home care services and it is a good development. This article is meant to familiarize and to see the incentived of buying home care and EVV in the US.

What is home care and Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) all about?

Home care is a supportive aid given in the home to people who are either old or cannot do some certain things in the home due to illnesses. Most times, the caregiver provides non-medical care such as bathing, getting in and out of bed, dressing, using the toilet and so forth. The Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) is a verification method that is used to help validate health care visits to ensure care seekers are not neglected. This is a digital type of verification in which personal computers smartphones are used to access the service.

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Reasons to buy home care and EVV in the USA

In recent times, the need for speed, accountability, and transparency cannot be overemphasized in the home care sector and as a care seeker, there is a need for quality assurance as well as satisfactory service being provided. The following reasons justify the need of every care seeker to buy home care and EVV in the US but they are not restricted to these:

Effective communication between caregivers and care seekers. The need for communication in life cannot be underestimated as well as the need for quality communication in homecare. With the use of EVV in homecare, the care seeker can reach out to the caregiver through his/her smartphone as this helps to improve patients’ visit response time. This means helps the care seeker to communicate through various channels by call, text, or video calling.

Quick access to important information. During emergencies when vital information is required, the electronic visit verification system enables the caregiver as well as the care seeker to get authorized permission to important information that might be lifesaving. The EVV system also helps in data security and recovery to save the stress of repetitive information due to human carelessness as paper filled data can be misplaced.

Transparency in billings. Most times, human errors can cost organizations to lose a lot of money and even in-home care too. With the advent of electronic visit verification in our home care system, care seekers can be sure that they won’t be overbilled as the GPS tracker installed with the EVV ensures that fraud or human manipulation is eliminated so care seekers pay exactly for the services received.

Safety of both the caregiver and care seeker is guaranteed. In our environment where unpredictability is the order of the day, one must be safety conscious. EVV helps both the caregiver and care seeker to eliminate risk of meeting at potentially risky or volatile places and also the tracking system helps to know where the caregiver is at a particular point in time.

The lists are long but are compressed into the aforementioned points. Every care seeker deserves to be treated fair and be safe, that’s what home care and EVV in the US is all about. It is not just about subscribing to home care services but more importantly is the fact that the safety of both the caregiver and care seeker is guaranteed and it is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

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