Things You Should Know About Home Care Industry and Professionals

Home Care: Importance of Home Care Professional

The home care service emerged in the US and gained space in the world market for approximately two decades. Boosting care in home care has as one of the main reasons the aging of the population and increased life expectancy. However, home care is not an exclusive care for the elderly population. This service serves patients of different ages, genders and complexities, in areas such as physical therapy, speech therapy, nutrition, home care, among others. In this article, we will show the importance of this home care industry and who can specialize in it.

Importance of Home Care Professional

This service has services provided at home to patients who need special care or therapeutic resources. Homecare provided by a professional helps in reducing the risk of contamination and worsening of the condition, seeks the recovery and rehabilitation of the patient, as well as health promotion and disease prevention. Home Health Care is divided into care and home care. Attention involves actions to prevent and promote health, rehabilitating the patient to their routine, performing disease treatment, all developed in their own home.

Home health care is a model in the process of expansion throughout United States and emerges as a new work space for health professionals, both public and private. It covers three different modalities that were selected for study: homecare, home stay and home visit. Each of these modalities has specific purposes, objectives and activities, which makes it necessary to explain them. This health care model has been widely spread around the world and has as its fundamental points the client, the family, the home context, the caregiver and the multiprofessional team.

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There are many terms used for it such as: home health care, domiciliary care, home health care, home care, home nursing, home visit, nursing home, nursing care, homecare nursing, residential nursing, homecare, hospitalization, home medical care, home health care, home medical care and so on.

Assistance is the set of activities scheduled on an outpatient basis and developed at home. This is when the patient needs specific procedure interventions, such as performing complex dressings, aspiration, among others. Serving you in your own home creates comfort, privacy and increases patient satisfaction , freeing you from cumbersome commute and stressful routines in a hospital setting.

The professional responsible for home care coordinates the homecare plans and promotes humanization in the treatment, enabling greater contact between the patient and family, allowing her to follow broadly and participatively in patient recovery. This interaction provides a better analysis of the factors that influence the patient’s condition and the way he will be assisted.

Many are used as synonyms, due to the translation and interpretation of the words homecare or home health care. However, the provision of services at home, as well as the performance of activities in this context, have significant differences.

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