Residential Assisted Living” that supports elderly people with long-term care and medical care

“Residential Assisted Living” have been attracting attention in recent years to meet diversifying long-term care needs. Assisted Living, which is one of the elderly homes, is a facility that supports the elderly by integrating nursing care and medical care.
Residential Assisted Living are facilities for medical care, long-term care, and rehabilitation found in Europe and the United States. These nursing homes are characterized by various types, such as those that serve as housing for the elderly and those that are accompanied by long-term care services. Nursing homes are one of them and have been attracting attention in recent years.

Integrated facility for long-term care and medical care

With the aging of the population, modern long-term care needs are diversifying. If your bed or facility is full, you will have to live at home even if you need medical care or long-term care. If the care level is high and the person is bedridden, the burden on the family will increase.

Residential Assisted Living is a facility that integrates “nursing care” and “medical care”, which had been independent until now. It is expected to serve as a new saucer for those who need long-term care.

Target Audience

The target audience for nursing homes varies depending on the type of facility. Some facilities are aimed at people with a degree of long-term care of 1 to 5 who need long-term care, while others are independent or accept people who need long-term care.

It is also important that an assisted living home with a well-developed medical system can handle medical care such as gastric fistula and aspiration, as well as diseases such as dementia and cancer. It can be said that it is a reassuring facility for users and their families who want to reach their final moments with peace of mind.

Residential Assisted Living Staff

The following staff are mainly assigned to nursing homes.
● Caregiver
● nurse
● Life counselor
● functional training instructor
● Care manager

Depending on the facility, nurses are stationed 24 hours a day, and it is possible to respond promptly to any changes in physical condition.

Another point is that medical care is enriched in cooperation with medical institutions. There are also facilities where you can receive medical visits from partner doctors. Facilities with rehabilitation staff may also receive rehabilitation training to maintain and improve physical function.

What is the expected role of a nursing home?

A residential assisted living that integrates long-term care and medical care and supports end-of-life care. They are expected to play a variety of roles in a dying society.

Realization of comprehensive community care system

In order to continue living in the area where we are accustomed to living, it is necessary to expand the comprehensive community care system. The ideal of comprehensive community care is the integration of medical care, long-term care, long-term care prevention, and life support. The aim is to support the elderly not only in the family but throughout the region.

“Residential Assisted Living” for the final home of the elderly

Assisted Living with abundant long-term care and medical care are expected to play a role as comprehensive community care that supports the elderly throughout society. There are many illnesses and medical care that can be dealt with, and the point is that even those with a high degree of long-term care can spend their time with peace of mind. It will be one of the new options for those seeking a final home.