Functions of Electronic Medical Record for HomeCare and Home Visit Medical Care

Main Functions of EMR for Home Care and Home Visit Medical Care

What is Electronic Medical Record (EMR) for Home Care and Home Visit Medical Care?

Electronic medical records (EMR) for home medical care and home visit medical care are electronic medical records for clinics that provide home visit medical care in addition to outpatient care, and clinics that specialize in homecare.

In the past, if you used a paper chart for home visits, you had to prepare the paper before each visit. Therefore, even if a sudden medical examination occurs, there is an inconvenience that someone has to return to the clinic at least once. Most of these days are cloud-based EMR, so if you have a laptop or tablet that connects to the Internet, you can immediately check the medical records of any patient on the spot.

At that time, unlike electronic medical records for outpatients, in addition to being able to refer to them while standing, it is also easy to record quickly. If you are looking for an EMR for home medical care and home visit medical care, you can download the service introduction material from here.

Homecare Software
Homecare Software

Functions You Want To Use In EMR for Homecare and Home Visit Medical Care

Compatible with Tablets As a Prerequisite

First of all, the main premise is that it is compatible with tablets rather than functions. Even with a notebook PC, it is quite a lot, but before you can refer to and enter it, you will have to start up the PC and connect to the network. 

In that respect, tablets such as the iPad are quick and convenient to start up for recording and checking medical records, and the fact that you can hold and operate with one hand while standing also makes the tablet more competitive. Also, from a hygienic point of view, tablets have the advantage of being easier to disinfect and sterilize than notebook PCs that have irregularities on paper files and keyboards.

Enter Visit Record

As mentioned in the previous section, the point is that it has a function that allows easy input on a tablet, assuming that it will be used on a tablet.

For example, you can select an item with a pull-down menu or button, select and enter a fixed phrase for the text, or create a new document using a past document. In addition, the function that allows you to instantly select frequently used prescriptions, sets, and SOAP in the ranking display by automatic learning is also effective in shortening the input time. In order to input quickly while facing the patient, it is important to utilize a mechanism that allows input as quickly and accurately as possible.

In addition, by utilizing the functions unique to tablets, specifically, the function of taking pictures with a tablet and registering them in a medical record for follow-up observation of the affected area, and the function of writing a schema with a touch pen on a tablet, a paper medical record can be used. 

Document Creation Support

In home medical care and home visit medical care, it is necessary to issue a large amount of documents every month, which makes document preparation a heavy burden for busy teachers. By using the EMR and using the document creation support function that cites data from the contents of the medical record, not only the burden is greatly reduced, but also it becomes possible to create accurately and quickly.

The document creation support function not only allows you to efficiently create medical documents such as medical information provision forms, home care management guidance forms, home visit care instructions, and long-term care doctor opinions from EMRinformation, as well as a home visit schedule table. Etc. can also be created.

It is also possible to fax medical information provision forms and prescriptions to affiliated hospitals and pharmacies via the Internet even from home visits or outings. Contacting the care manager is also easy.

Order Cooperation

The same applies not only to home care and home-visit medical care, but also to outpatient clinics, but work efficiency can be improved by instructing prescription orders, sample test orders, treatment orders, etc. from electronic medical records. Not only is it convenient, but by using the proxy request approval function and the teacher approving the contents ordered on behalf of the doctor, more accurate and safe ordering will be realized.

Invoice Processing and Cooperation with Billing System

The biggest merit of changing from a paper medical record to an electronic medical record is the function of linking with the invoice processing and billing system. One-stop calculation and insurance claims for medical care and long-term care, calculation of homecare and long-term care insurance, etc. and handed to the receipt system, issuance of invoices for each facility visited, claims / receipts for patients, and medical statements Business efficiency can be greatly expected by systematizing issues such as issuance and billing / payment management.


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