5 Ways EVV is helping Optimize Homecare Delivery

5 Ways EVV is helping Optimize Homecare Delivery

Ever missed a parcel because of the delivery guy and wondered if he actually visited your location? We all have at some point experienced such incidents when we were unable to verify if a certain service was actually delivered at your place or was it a fraud. In order to make your lives easier, Electronic visit verification is introduced in the healthcare system to optimize homecare delivery. Electronic visit verification is the use of electronic means to verify visits by the caregivers for personal or homecare visits. The information collected includes date and time of service provided, type of service provided and location where the service is delivered. This helps in verification of services provided and minimization of fraudulent claims over services provided. 

Following are the ways through which the electronic visit verification system is helping optimize homecare delivery. 

1.Reduction in administrative costs 

Using an EVV system can help in maximizing time during their in-home visits. It also helps in reduction of fraudulent claims over services delivered. Moreover, it provides a paperless way of digital documentation that can minimize operational issues. All of these benefits lead to better data management which in turn leads to reduction in administrative costs and faster cost reimbursement. 

 2.Streamlines communication between caregivers and clients

Having an EVV system in place helps in streamlining communication between caregivers and clients. With GPS tracking, caregivers can now track the location of the patient and easily locate their next visit. Moreover, it helps in real time tracking which leads to fewer cancelled visits by the patients. Thus, streamlining communication between caregivers and clients and across the entire team helps in delivery of better care to the patients. 

3.Increases productivity by saving time 

With real time location tracking and client address, caregivers can easily find the location of patients and deliver the required services in less time. Moreover, the digital documentation feature of EVV helps in easing the process of onboarding, scheduling and reporting by bringing the whole process on fingertips. Thus, less time is taken in service delivery which increases the overall productivity and efficiency of the healthcare firm.

4.Improves compliance and reporting capabilities

Compliance is improved through automated monitoring by mobile applications and reporting capabilities. An automated schedule helps in generating notifications for visits and notifies the caregiver as well as patient on their upcoming meeting which leads to reduction in missed meetings. In addition, automated reporting through online applications helps in delivery of the right service to the patients. The process of digital documentation and electronically signed papers minimize human error and frauds thus increasing compliance. 

5.Improves quality of care

Overall quality of care is improved by electronic visit verification in various ways. Simple attendance collection and proof of visit compliance helps in reducing fraud. Digital documentation and online scheduling leads to ease in operations. Automated field monitoring, recording activities performed and reporting helps in management and reduces human errors. Thus, EVV mandates better delivery of care through digitization of homecare solutions. 

Hence, with the right EVV system in place, healthcare organizations can move towards digital transformation with an integrated system of caregiver visits that helps in optimization of homecare delivery. Everything is monitored from reporting, scheduling and field visit monitoring to recording field activities which leads to an improved quality of care and customer satisfaction. With fraudulent activities on the rise, it won’t be wrong to call EVV a policing system for verification of in-home care. To sum it up, EVV solutions can help you more than just verify visits. It helps in improving overall efficiency and productivity of homecare services by streamlining operations, cutting down on costs, increasing compliance and improving the management system of homecare healthcare agencies. 

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