Medical Expenses In USA High Among Developed Countries 

It is well known that medical expenses in the United States are very high among developed countries. According to a study by Harvard University, the high cost of healthcare in the United States was different than previously thought. The factors that had been assumed up to this point were that there were many medical consultations and hospitalizations and that there were many expensive medical procedures because there were many specialists by organ.

However, these factors have been denied in the results of the Harvard study. Because of comparing with 10 other developed countries, it has been found that the number of visits and hospitalizations to medical institutions in the United States is small.

In the United States, there is no need for organ specialists, and the ratio of primary care specialists to organ specialists is almost the same as the average for the other 10 developed countries. And it wasn’t the frequency of expensive medical procedures. The ratio of hospitalization medical expenses to the total medical expenses in the United States is about 10%, the lowest among developed countries.

USA’s Medical Expenses High Among Developed Countries
USA’s Medical Expenses High Among Developed Countries

The cost of healthcare in the United States is high, but it is not the case that health outcomes are good. In the Harvard study, the average life expectancy of Americans was lowest compared to other 10 developed countries. Recently, we also face the fact that the average life span has fallen for the first time in history. Access to medical institutions is not good either. In addition to emergency consultations, we often must wait several weeks for regular outpatient visits.

Reasons for huge amount of medical expenses in America that do not improve outcomes like this are concentrated in the following three

  1. Management Costs in Medical System
  2. Expensive Drug Costs
  3. High Salary of Doctors

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