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Release Note Version 2.1.5

What’s New in Version 2.1.5


Nurse Calendar feature introduced for scheduling the patient with a view of the Yearly calendar. Users can now also create a Recurrence Schedule in daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly, yearly format.

myEZcare features your access depending on your user type and role. When your user type or role does not have permission for a module or feature, myEZcare does not present it as an option.

How to give permissions to a respective role?

Path: Dashboard → Admin → Roles & Permissions → Select Role → Web Permissions → Scheduling → Nurse Scheduler

As soon as the user saves the permission. The respective roles should be able to get the menu of Nurse Calendar under Schedule.

Release Note 2.1.5

Steps to Create Schedule

  1. Login application with Valid Credentials
  2. Click on the Nurse Calendar menu under Scheduling Tab
  3. Now you can see a calendar open
  4. Click on Add Schedule Button or on the Date on which you want to create the schedule.
  5. Fill in Necessary details.
  6. Select type of schedule One Time Only or Recurrence 
  7. Enter Date Range and Time
  8. Click on Save
Release Note 2.1.5
Release Note 2.1.5

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