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Release Note Version 2.1.1

What’s New in Version 2.1.1


1. Referral Tracking feature has been introduced in the system. Now you can do lead management, add notes, set role-wise display permissions and you can status like completed or waitlisted.

How to Use Referral Tracking Feature?

Path: Sidebar → Referral Tracking → Add/List → Fill Details → Save

Release Note 2.1.1

myEZcare feature your access depending on your user type and role. When your user type or role does not have permission for a module or feature, myEZcare does not present it as an option.

How to give referral tracking permissions to a respected role?

Path: Dashboard → Admin → Roles & Permissions → Web Permissions → Referral Tracking

Release Note 2.1.1

2. Changes made to Group Feature. Now you can provide Group Level record permissions in the roles & permission section. By using this user can control the data restriction for both employee and patient.

Path: Dashboard → Admin → Roles & Permissions → Web Permissions → Employee → Group Level Record

Path: Dashboard → Admin → Roles & Permissions → Web Permissions → Patient → Group Level Record

Release Note 2.1.1

3. User can now set the Calendar format as per the ‘Week Start Day’.

Path: Setting → Organizational Preference

Release Note 2.1.1


1. Date issue with the ‘Average Delay Hours’ section has been resolved.

Release Note 2.1.1

2. Task mapping issue in the patient section has been resolved.

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