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Release Note Version 2.0.18

What’s New in Version 2.0.18


Add Allergy to the patient records. Now you can document a patient allergy history, measures taken, and current status.

Path: Patient Intake –> List –> Action –> Edit –> Patient Details –> Click on Allergy Tab

Release Note 2.0.18
Release Note 2.0.18

Users can now generate patient chart and know the story more effectively. You can find all patient information like diagnosis code, medication, notes, care plan, allergy, tasks, etc in a report format.

Path: Patient –> List –> Action –> Generate Chart

Release Note 2.0.18
Release Note 2.0.18

Category field added to the ‘Add Notes‘ section. Users can also add different categories in dropdown by using the dropdown editor.

Path: Patient –> List –> Action –> Edit –> ’Notes’ tab –> Add Note –> Category

Release Note 2.0.18

To Add  Different Categories

Path: Settings –> Dropdown Editor –> Note Category

Release Note 2.0.18

Users will now be able to see the Document/Forms related to the task in a pop-up window on the Employee Visit Report screen.

Path: Reports –> Employee Visit Report –> Action –> View Tasks Documents

Release Note 2.0.18

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