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Release Note Version 1.2.4

What’s New in Version 1.2.4


F#211 Now you can see Beneficiary Name and Beneficiary Number under payor. To get this information go to patients list and click on plus (+) sign.

F#224 In Patient module under billing tab you can now find beneficiary type and number.

F#173 Auto-fill addresses using Google API. This has been introduced in both employee and patient tabs. We are working and soon this feature will be added to all the places that needs address.

F#189 We have added NPI option. Now you just have to fill the NPI number and all the details will be fetched automatically.

Path: Setting  Agency  Add

F#155 Now employees can see his/her patients scheduled. Limited access permission.

F#220 Until the task is going on it will be shown as confirmed but once done it will be changed to completed. Additional data on card pop up like clock in time, clock out time, EVV type, care type and payor. Colors system has been introduced so that you can have an idea about tasks status.

F#243 In roles & permission the permissions have been expanded the third level.

F#155 Patient deleted will be shows as deactivated, while the employees deleted will be locked. All future schedules will be deleted for both patients and employees.

Bug Fixes

B#244 Earlier signatures were not coming in PCA timesheet and DMAS 90. The issue has been resolved now.

B#205 Prior caretype was not updating in the schedule list. Earlier whole list was coming but now you will be seeing the one you have selected in patients details tab. You can also sort caretype column.

B#247 Now you will be able to see text values in cartetype.

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