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Landing Page Adult Day Care
Landing Page Adult Day Care

myEZcare Adult Day Care Software

Experience the future of adult day care management with myEZcare, the ultimate cloud-based care management solution. Tailored specifically for adult day care providers in the USA healthcare market, our comprehensive suite of features streamlines your operations, tracks attendance, and seamlessly plans activities. Say goodbye to manual paperwork as myEZcare consolidates all essential functions into one user-friendly interface. With integrated support plans, medical care management, and memory care models, myEZcare empowers you to enhance participant care while optimizing administrative efficiency. Discover the convenience and effectiveness of myEZcare, revolutionizing adult day care management for the modern era.

Revolutionizing USA Healthcare: The All-In-One Day Care Platform

Employee Management

Patient Management


Compliance Management


Reporting and Analytics

Activity Tracking

Attendance Tracking

Claims & Billing


Document Management

Forms Library

Care Plan Management

HIPAA Compliant

One Healthcare App for All Care Solution

Better Employee & Patient Management

100% Customer Satisfaction

Smart and Customizable

Automate Billing and Claim Management with myEZcare

Struggling with denied claims and time-consuming billing processes? Say hello to hassle-free billing and real-time claim status updates. myEZcare’s automated billing system ensures timely reimbursements, simplifies remittances, and boosts your agency’s financial performance.


  • Eliminate billing errors and manual data entry
  • Simplified remittances and claim regeneration
  • Cloud-based accessibility and real-time updates
  • Detailed billing reports for better financial management

Efficient Transportation Scheduling

Managing patient schedules, fleet, and route assignments doesn’t have to be complex. myEZcare offers a sophisticated solution for senior service companies to efficiently manage adult day transportation services. Enjoy flexible options and arrange transportation on-the-fly, even on the same day.

Streamline Attendance Tracking

Tired of spending hours tracking participant attendance and generating reports? myEZcare streamlines attendance management, ensuring accurate and efficient record-keeping. Stay organized and gain valuable insights into participant engagement with our intuitive software.

Client Testimonials

Rose L.
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We are saving time and money on paper reports and on accurate reporting of where the employees are and their exact time they are working. Myezcare is great with support and always returning our calls or setting up training sessions for the support staff and field workers
Henry C.
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1. Easy to use 2. Low pricing 3. Many features when I compare it to other software 4. They listen to the customers' needs. I have requested changes and they were quick to help me.
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We've just arrived on board with them but so far the service has been amazing! Of course, as can be expected a few bumps in the road but they are very quick to respond when contacted. I tested several different software companies and options and found that Myezcare offered the most and was considerably easier to use than most. I love how easy it is to utilize the software; after using another scheduling software for almost 3 years I was very worried that the transition would be difficult but I was pleasantly surprised.
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Excellent. [SENSITIVE CONTENT HIDDEN] and his team are always available and quick to respond to any problems
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Excellent. [SENSITIVE CONTENT HIDDEN] and his team are always available and quick to respond to any problems

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Landing Page Adult Day Care


myEZcare offers a comprehensive suite of features tailored specifically for adult day care providers, streamlining operations and enhancing participant care.

By utilizing our electronic documentation software, you can cut documentation time by up to 40%, eliminating manual paperwork and streamlining documentation processes.

The solution helps streamline operations, reduce administrative burdens, and optimize resource utilization, resulting in cost savings and improved overall efficiency for adult day care providers.

Yes, our team provides excellent customer support and comprehensive training to ensure a smooth and successful experience for agencies.

Yes, the software seamlessly integrates with billing systems, streamlining financial processes and improving overall efficiency.

Absolutely! The software ensures compliance with regulatory requirements and securely stores data with its electronic documentation solution, offering peace of mind to caregivers.

By automating administrative tasks, reducing paperwork, and optimizing resource utilization, the software enables providers to allocate resources effectively and deliver exceptional care efficiently.

Yes, the software provides instant and easy access to comprehensive features, making it efficient and convenient for busy caretakers to manage day-to-day operations.

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