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EVV, Healthcare and Homecare Technology Company In the US and Canada

Electronic Visit Verification Service Provider In the US and Canada

Benefits Of Using myEZcare Unified Healthcare Platform and Electronic Visit Verification Application

  • Cloud-Based Digital Solution
  • No Bulky Servers Required
  • Total Mobility, On Any Web Device – 24/7
  • Smart & Efficient Scheduling and Billing (HL7 EDI claims processing platform)
  • Secure, HIPAA Compliant Patient Records
  • Advanced Reporting & Management Tools
  • Affordably Priced Tier Options

myEZcare is a cloud-based healthcare software provider to homecare and other healthcare agencies in the US and Canada. We’re not just a healthcare software company, our team combines decades of experience in healthcare and helps health care agencies to operate more efficiently. myEZcare’s HIPAA compliant healthcare software with advanced electronic visit verification (EVV) system is focused on creating a solution that works for everyone. Our healthcare software unites every aspect of the business from client care to revenue management to patient data and more.

myEZcare’s Healthcare Software and Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) applications provide an end-to-end solution that can propel your business forward. myEZcare’s greatest asset is listening to our clients and constantly evolving our solutions to ensure we are meeting customer needs. We provide homecare software, respite care software, daycare software, assisted living software, private duty software, etc.

myEZcare’s smart software enables homecare agencies to overcome complexities of recording patients and employee’s data. Agencies providing homecare, respite care, private day nursing, nursing home, adult day care, assisted day living services and many more are using myEZcare’s technology to reduce costs, drive patient satisfaction and streamline workflows. myEZcare’s biggest USP is its electronic medical records and electronic healthcare records facility which enables hospitals, nursing homes, healthcare, and home care agencies to do effective employee and patient management. myEZcare application’s main features are scheduling, reporting, messaging, transportation, billing, employee management, patient management.

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