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Florida EVV Implementations FAQs

EVV is still being implemented in most states with varying guidelines and regulations, so it is important to stay updated on the latest updates and changes. We’re keeping our website and application up to date with any EVV updates, so if you have any questions or concerns, please let us know.

Agency for Health Care Administration

2727 Mahan Drive

Tallahassee, FL 32308

Phone: (888) 419-3456 / (800) 955-8771 


Find Healthcare Povider – https://www.floridahealthfinder.gov/facilitylocator/facloc.aspx

Read More – https://ahca.myflorida.com/Medicaid/home_health/dmv.shtml

Electronic Visit Verification EVV State Florida Guide
EVV Type: Open Model Electronic Visit Verification Application
Mandatory Agencies: Personal Care Services, HHCS, Private Duty Nursing
State Aggregator: Tellus/HHA Exchange
Medicaid Deadline: January 01, 2021
Authorized Body : Agency for Health Care Administration 
Our Status – myEZcare is integrated with the state system. myEZcare is providing EVV services in Florida.

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Yes, HHCS, PCS and Private Duty Nusing agencies ,can integrate myEZcare AHCA EVV System. 

If any PCS and HHCS do not comply with these rules, they may face sanctions, fines, suspension, and termination, as well as claim denials.

Yes, if you do not verify caregiver visits and services electronically, your claims will be definitively rejected by Florida’s Agency for Health Care Administration after the deadline.

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