Home Care Benefits & Why We Need HomeCare
Home Care Benefits & Why We Need HomeCare

How to Start Home Healthcare Business in USA

What is Home Healthcare Agency?

Home Healthcare agency can be defined as agencies providing home care services in the residence of patients. It is a service that allows patient to receive treatment in his home or preferred place. Home Healthcare is economic and promotes a faster recovery and improved care. In this care can be provided by either licensed healthcare professionals or professionals caregivers.

The patient’s home, which is the main site of home care, is a space owned by patients and their families, so unlike hospitals, it has a concern that it is not a space controlled by medical personnel.

Follow the Below Steps to Start Home Healthcare Agency

  1. Selection of opening area, marketing, customer analysis.
  2. Completing your state’s home care application for a license.
  3. Get your Medicaid and Medicare certification.
  4. Advertising plan making, brochure, homepage making.
  5. Medical clinic establishment notice (health center), insurance medical treatment procedure.
  6. Acquisition of property, contract, interior worker selection.
  7. Recruitment of staff and staff, training

Things to Remember

  1. Maintain a system that allows doctors, nurses and caregivers in direct contact with patients to communicate with patients and their families 24 hours a day.
  2. Maintain a 24-hour home-visit system according to the patient’s request.
  3. Appropriate medical record management is done about home care.
  4. Working in cooperation with local nursing and welfare service establishments.
  5. Always keep proper report about the number of people receiving care in their home.
All You Need to Know About Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA)
All You Need to Know About Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA)

All You Need to Know About Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA)

Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985 (COBRA) is for those who have lost their jobs. The program is designed to provide assistance to Americans in support of insurance in case of loss of official employment. The free option depends on the reasons for losing your source of income. If the fault was noncompliance with duties, alcoholism or something similar, it is not possible to participate.

Insurance for Existing Diseases

If a citizen already has a problem, for example, there has been a stroke before, diabetes has been identified (the stage does not matter), a fracture with serious complications, etc., then the state has developed and is using the PCIP federal plan. It is intended for people with “high risks”. To be able to use it, you must:
  • be in the status of “uninsured” for six months;
  • have a serious illness;
  • have a written waiver from the insurance company in the design of the policy.

For this category of people, protection is provided in accordance with the Act “On the Accessibility of Medical Care and Guarantees of Patient Protection”. It allows access to medical insurance, regardless of diseases and the current state of health. A comparative analysis shows that in the Russian Federation such citizens remain unprotected.


All You Need to Know About USA Healthcare System and Medicine
All You Need to Know About USA Healthcare System and Medicine

All You Need to Know About USA Healthcare System and Medicine

Medicine in America is one of the key factors of social well-being of the population. Every year, the government allocates huge amounts of money to this area. Despite this, it has not only advantages, but also significant shortcomings.

Treatment in the United States is expensive, since a set of measures aimed at recovering the patient is carried out at the highest level using modern equipment. A doctor in America is one of the most prestigious professions. Commercial medical centers have impressive cash flow indicators, which can be compared with industrial giants.

US Health Reforms

A key element of the reform, which began in 2013, was the introduction of the obligations of every American to buy a medical insurance policy. And for the poor, preferential terms are established. The reform is designed to improve the quality of health insurance conditions.

How Much Does Medical Care in the US Cost

Initially, it should be remembered that free medicine in the United States does not exist as such. In this case, everything is kept on the issued insurance policy. The authorities explain this approach by trying to offset the cost of medical equipment, which is considered one of the best in the world. Depending on whether an American is seeking help or a migrant, there are some special features. Foreigners, in most cases, undergo treatment through the Medicare system or go to private charity medical centers.

US Health Insurance System

To date, there are several medical insurance systems in America, including:

  1. Medicaid
  2. Medicare
  3. SCHIP
  4. COBRA

Medicaid Health Insurance System

This type of insurance has been protecting the rights of the poor since 1965. To register in this program, a person must collect documents confirming a low level of income, as well as fill out a number of papers. The system provides medical care to large families and people with disabilities. The list of Medicaid services includes physician consultations, hospital stays, vaccinations, prescription drugs, preventive care for children, long-term care, and others.

Medicare Health Insurance System

Medicare is a special federal health insurance program for people over 65 and for those who have end-stage renal disease or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. As Medicare grows, the government plans to increase spending on this program from the current 3% of GDP to about 6%. Medicare requires cost sharing, but 90% of participants have other types of insurance – employer-sponsored private insurance, Medicaid, or Medigap.

There is also a Medicare Advantage insurance plan, which costs participants about 12% more expensive than traditional Medicare. This system gives much more treatment options. Another type, Medicare Part D, allows participants to receive medicines prescribed by a doctor on favorable terms.

Merits of Home Care Over Demerits of Facility Care

Characteristics of Home Care

When considering home care, it is important to carefully understand the features of home care and decide whether to consider home care properly. In addition to hospitalized medical treatment in hospitals and clinics and outpatient medical treatment, home medical care provided by doctors and other professionals at homes where people are used to living is attracting attention as the third kind of medical care.

When you become ill, what kind of medical care you receive is important for the patient’s choice and the patient’s and family’s attitude. In home care, you will be treated in a familiar environment. In hospital care, we focus on curing the disease. Of course, there are various limitations in daily life.

The medical treatment life in a familiar environment such as home can lead the life that suits you. Even if you live alone, your family will be mentally stable, so you can expect improvements in symptoms. Also, since the food is familiar to the taste, it seems to have a good influence on the appetite. Economically, home care is cheaper than continuing inpatient treatment.

Home Healthcare, Homecare

How Healthcare Software Market is Transforming Patient Care in Home Care

Merits Home Care

The greatest attraction of choosing home care is that you can continue living at home where you are accustomed to living. Home care is selected if the understanding and cooperation of the family living with the care recipient can be obtained, or if it is possible to maintain daily life without major hindrance even if you are living alone.  In this case, it can be said that it is advantageous to be able to select the combination and frequency of services used by experts relatively freely in accordance with the situation. 

If it is home care, you can adjust and use the home care support service according to the “time you can take for care” or “how much less care burden you want to reduce. In this case, it can be said that it is advantageous to be able to select the combination and frequency of services used by experts relatively freely in accordance with the situation. 

Demerits of Facility Care

On the other hand, the biggest disadvantage of facility care is the high cost. In facility cares, monthly expenses will differ greatly from the monthly amount paid when using home care. Also, there are many cases where people who entered the facility cannot adapt well and leave.